How Close Are You To Your FREEDOM POINT?

Your FREEDOM POINT is when you have achieved a Work Optional Lifestyle. At this point you have the freedom to keep working or to walk away and pursue other passions.

The ARD Private Client Approach

What services do we provide?

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As independent professionals, we set out to repair, redefine and reinvent the role of a financial Advisor. Our process allows us to form trustworthy, long-term partnerships with the families we serve.

ARD’s broad offerings include, but are not limited to, business exit planning, tax mitigation, asset protection, wealth management, lifestyle services and cash flow analysis. Our dedicated and experienced team of third party professionals can provide an array of services necessary for your family, including assistance with lending, risk management, special projects, banking matters, financial reporting and more.


Business Planning

Business owners are busy running their business and you have build an amazing business. We help make sure the walk-away plan is in place so you can exit without the typical regrets and with limited liability for the company.



We help you leave the lasting impact you want by assisting with organization and distribution of the funds you set aside for humanitarian purposes.


Estate Planning

We help you plan for the disposition of your assets and structure them to help protect your heirs and have the lasting impact you desire.


Wealth Management

We put all the pieces of your unique puzzle together to create a financial strategy that fits your needs. Our wealth management formula includes investment consulting, advanced planning and relationship management.


Professional Network Management

This can save you time and give you clarity with decision making. Getting all your advisers involved in the process and having a room full of subject-matter experts and thought leaders involved leads to a higher probability of achieving your goals and objectives.


Special Projects

This is in preparation of big life events like buying or selling a business, retiring or investing in nontraditional assets. We can help you plan, offer detailed analysis or just let you bounce ideas. We aim to take the risk out of events that may be unexpected and exciting.


Tax Management

We help create a plan to move money to the most tax-efficient areas and strategies. It’s an ongoing process we know exists beyond just Dec. 31 and April 15.


Lifestyle Services

You deserve a custom blend of services that are uniquely you. We can provide access to concierge physician networks, private banking relationships, future care planning, privacy and cyber protection advice and more.


Asset Protection

We work with your other subject-matter experts to implement a risk management strategy that helps ensure your assets are not unjustly taken.



This includes regularly scheduled reviews of goal progress, investments, assets and financial overviews communicated clearly and in a timely manner so you are not left wondering what’s going on.  Monitoring provides a close watch of wealth transfer, risk management and wealth enhancement plans to lower the chance anything falls through the cracks.